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Family Law

Divorce can be one of the most significant, stressful events in your life. It can lead to changes in lifestyle, location, and most importantly, parenting. When you are dealing with the uncertainties that accompany divorce, you need experienced legal representation to help guide you through the process and stand up for your interests. For over 30 years.

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A Caring, Competent Approach

We provide personal attention and skilled representation that is focused on your needs and the best interests of your children. Family law attorney has handled a myriad of cases, from uncontested, straightforward divorces to complex divorce litigation cases involving custody disputes and millions of dollars in assets.

Many clients find that mediation of their family law matter is their best alternative. Mediation is an out of court dispute resolution process designed to minimize the stress and cost of a divorce. Mediation can be a sensible, economical, efficient alternative to a hostile, contested divorce.


Family Law

You may elect to hire your own personal attorney who will represent you only and provide confidential, essential legal advice needed to resolve your case. Even if both parties have their own attorney, you may still be able to resolve your case by way of settlement. If settlement is not possible after exploring all viable alternatives, we will vigorously represent you in Court. The divorce process can seem daunting. When children are involved, you may worry about the impact on them and their future. We give you information about what your options are and explain the next steps. We will lay out realistic expectations for your case and help you feel confident about what lies ahead.

Our goal is keeping you out of court if possible to give you, instead of a judge, control of your case. We focus on saving you money and protecting your confidentiality. When the end result would benefit you more than litigation, we fully explore all settlement options before engaging in contested litigation.