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Child Custody LawyersChild Custody Lawyers

Child Custody Law

Legal matters involving children require careful counsel. You want to minimize the impact of disputes on the children while protecting your rights. The decisions made about custody, visitation and child support will affect you and your children in the long and short term. It is important to have compassionate representation from a highly qualified attorney. We understand not only the legal, but the emotional and psychological aspects of family law cases.

Attorney has handled all types of family law cases. We can assist you with paternity, child custody and visitation, child support and step-parent adoptions.

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Resolving Custody Disputes

Whether your custody issue is related to a divorce or another situation, we will help you find the best possible solution for your family. We have helped clients obtain and modify orders relating to legal and physical custody, joint custody and move-away custody arrangements, as well as custody modifications.

With strong negotiation skills, we can help you and your spouse or partner come to an agreement through mediation that will save you time and money and leave you and your reorganized family free to go on with your lives.

If mediation is not right for you, we have the familiarity with local courts and extensive experience to aggressively represent you in settlement negotiations with the attorney representing your spouse or partner. If settlement negotiations are unsuccessful, we will aggressively and competently represent you at trial.

Establishing or Modifying Child and/or Spousal Support

When there are disputes over child support or spousal support, we will gather evidence of each party’s income or their ability to earn income. Our priority is making sure a fair amount of support is being paid — whether you are the payor or the payee.

We can help with establishment of initial support orders and also represent you in modification proceedings. Child support orders often need to be changed due to a new custodial arrangement or change in income of one or both parties. Spousal support orders also may require modification based on changes in income, marital status, cohabitation or simply the passage of time. We also provide services in child support cases initiated by the Department of Child Support Services against non-custodial parents for establishment or modification of child support.

What if One Parent Wants to Relocate With the Children?

If you or your spouse plans to move out of the state with the children, there are many things to consider. If you have existing custody orders, they generally will need to be modified to allow the move. If there are no existing custody orders, you may need to petition the court for permission to move the children away from the other parent. Alternatively, if you are the non-moving parent, you may wish to ask the court to prohibit the move.

Move away cases can be complicated, requiring highly qualified legal counsel. We are knowledgeable about the law and an help guide you through the process.

Child Custody Law

Assisting with Paternity Actions

We are experienced with California paternity law and can skillfully assist mothers or alleged fathers in paternity suits.

In a paternity matter, we will make arrangements for a DNA paternity test, including obtaining an order for any refusing party to participate in the testing. Once paternity is established, we will proceed to gather evidence toward the goal of obtaining orders regarding custody, visitation and child support.

However complex your paternity matter may be, we can help resolve it through mediation or litigation.