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Truck Accident Law

Arroyo Grande Semi-Trailer Truck Injury Attorneys

When the drivers of semi trucks drive recklessly, or when their companies pressure them to drive too many hours, they are particularly culpable. The motivation can be monetary or sheer irresponsibility. But the danger of truck accidents posed by these behemoths on our roads is horrific.

Whether on the interstate or a city street, big rigs dwarf automobiles in size and weight. They cannot stop quickly. And when they collide with vehicles, people and property, they do terrible damage.

Rear-end accidents are common, but under-ride collisions and rollovers cause just as much damage. Trucks have blind spots, and experience tire blow-outs.

Causes of Truck Accidents

Truck drivers make more money the more they drive. But like anyone else, they get tired, and when they do, they can lose control of the truck, or fail to respond quickly to a dangerous situation. Federal and state regulations limit the number of hours a driver can continue to drive. They attempt to reduce the dangers by requiring safety features of all kinds. But even when all the rules and regulations are followed, accidents happen.

Trucking Companies

Trucking companies advertise how fast they can deliver merchandise. How do they do it? Many pressure their drivers to speed or drive longer than permitted by law. They profit while endangering the rest of us.

Our law firm knows how to maximize our clients’ financial recovery in truck accidents by locating any and all potentially responsible parties, such as those who load a truck improperly, produce defective truck parts, or hire unsafe drivers.